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Driver Restore is a program that checks driver compatibility with your computer's manufacturer to update the correct drivers. It comes with a built in driver backup wizard so you never have to backup your drivers manually ever again. Driver Restore scans your computer system and hardware devices to locate the most up-to-date drivers from a database of over 11 million drivers.

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    Guest Last month

    Watch out for this program being an add-on when updating an Adobe program. (Not sure which one-forgot) My computer had been pestering me to update a "new available update" for Adobe for a while now. I finally got tired of it and decided to update the damn thing. The problem was it attached "Driver restore" downloading it to my computer and now I am going through hell to get rid of it. No matter what I do, it won't go away. Thankfully I know someone that can take care of this for me. Others are not so lucky.

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    Rebecca Powell 2 months ago

    Don't fall for the "you need servicing of your computer for a sum of $? I purchased the initial driver restore which I could not download and had to call tech support. They said they could not download until I cleaned my PC up which they said they could with a fee...hello... then they said I need protection. OMG. Went from $40 to $320. No thank you, I will just purchase the driver restore and try to download it again. Well, they then said, "No ma'am we can do that for you? Which they did. Anyway... I googled how to get rid of Malware etc, found how to reset all my browsers, and I downloaded a free malware program. Saved myself hundreds.

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    Guest 4 months ago

    I noticed what appeared to be a legitimate warning on my PC from "Driver Restore", I purchased it today and contacted their Tech support by phone to install. They told me I needed to pay another $300+ to have my PC cleaned of unwanted programs and they could put me immediately in contact with these people. I declined, and after I disconnected with the "tech" I was not able to connect to my email! I now have my PC in a legitimate shop that will repair my PC and also provide free PC service for the next 12 months for $200.

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