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Margie Smeer Senior editor

The drivers are a very important part of your Windows computer, and that’s why when they get corrupted or outdated they can also greatly affect the performance level, the speed and the stability of your system. Therefore keeping your drivers up-to-date and error-free is a vital aspect of maintaining your computer in top shape.
The free version of this application lets users scan their computers for corrupt, missing or outdated drivers and view the drivers that present any potential issue such as the need to be updated. The downloading of the newer version of these drivers can be performed with the registered versions of this tool. One of the most important advantages of Driver Restore is the fact that it makes use of a handy and reliable database of over 11 million drivers in order to detect and apply the driver updates. This powerful database is updated on a daily basis.

Another nice feature of this tool is the fact that it includes a handy driver backup wizard that can automatically backup drivers to various locations such as a CD, networked drive, or flash drive. Furthermore, its interface is simple and intuitive, so it will pose no problem even to beginners.

All in all, Driver Restore is a handy and reliable application that makes sure that your drivers are in check and they don’t negatively affect the performance of your computer.


  • It's easy-to-use and straightforward.
  • Comprehensive driver database ensures the accuracy of this tool.
  • Can automatically backup the drivers to various locations.


  • The free version only shows the drivers that need to be updated.
This software was checked for viruses and was found to be clean. Click here to see antivirus report.

Publisher's description

This program is an easy way to resolve driver related issues.

Latest comments

  All comments (8)
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    Cristiano Vilanculo Last month

    I have Driver Restore on my computer but it does not provide me the registry key to activate it.

  • 0
    Guest 3 months ago

    I had the same problem with Driver Restore. This product is a virus. It should have a warning label. It ruined my PC. I reported them to the Better Business Bureau and threatened to sue them. I called and asked their tech to uninstall it and she wiped out my hard drive, I finally got my money back but it took a few months. Don't let them get away with this. I'm surprised they are still in business.

    • 1
      Yulian Rohmy 3 months ago

      Dear User,
      Thank you for the report! We've scanned the program at VirusTotal. There are strong indicators that the program is safe to use. Please follow the link analysis/1398681532/ to get aware of the output results.

    • 0
      Patricia Trapasso 18 days ago

      This program has to be scam and I'm sure they must be out of business. Their telephone numbers are not even valid and if you try to contact them with the contact form on the site, you'll get an error message. I can't get this program off my computer and it's causing problems. I don't understand how they are permitted to offer a program that does not allow anyone to uninstall.

  • 0
    Jim Wood 3 months ago

    I have a 3x5 inch Driver Restore ad on the lower right corner of my screen that will not go away. It wants me to buy a new driver for Realtek High Definition Audio. I do not want to buy it. I am perfectly happy with the audio I have now. What I do want is for this ad to go away so I can use the bar it hides in order to navigate. The only problem with my computer is that it has this unwanted ad that prevents me from using my computer properly, that prevents me from even seeing about 1/9 of my screen. Who put this ad on my computer? No matter what, I do it will not go away.

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